Saturday, May 31, 2008

When I was hungry you fed me!

May 31, 2008

Today is my first blog experience. I am going to attempt to stay loyal to this blog because God has been so generous by allowing me to minister to others out of His goodness.

Today I received a phone call from a homeless couple that we found on our Monday night homeless outreach back in April. Don and Jes (real names not used), are a young married couple who have not been able to find housing and Don has not been able to find a job. My wife and I picked them up and took them to a Chinese buffet for 2 interesting hours of fellowship and an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. After dinner the Lord blessed them with new clothes, food and a hotel room for the next 7 days. Don has not been able to find a job because it is hard to interview without a shower or fresh clothes. They have no transportation and no income other than collecting cans. While Don is very able and willing to work, his attempts to get hired by the internet have not been successful. The hotel will give them a safe base camp from which to search for work. One of our friends has agreed to take Don to fill out applications and do job interviews in person. After 4 hours of fellowship my wife Cathy and I we excited to leave them with a prayer and a safe and comfortable place to sleep. Please pray with us the Don will find a job this week and that God will change their situation.