Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shingle by Shingle

"My Fathers House" update:

As we watch the long and difficult task of stripping off the old roofs and putting on new shingles the wonderful lyrics of the song "Shingle by Shingle" are stuck in my head.

It is ironic that his old house needed to be freed of it's old roof before a new one was placed. It would have been cheaper and easier to just try and cover the old shingle, but I was told by people in the know that the old shingle must go. The old shingle has to be delicately removed by pros (Top Notch Abatement Company) because it contained asbestos. And while covering the old with the new might have looked good for a while the potentially dangerous fibers in the old shingle might just come back to haunt us. And a bonus was that a tremendous with was removed from the house.
"Folks stumble and fall anin't nothin' new at all
We just keep comin up with new ways of goin' down
Whether your're poor or rich at the bottom of the ditch
You can finally see the light'll finall turn your life around
Single by shingle I'm patchin' up the roof
Row by row I'm bringin' in the crop
Love Makes a change I'm lining the proof
New waters in the well and I'm grateful
for every drop"

Our lives, much like the roof on our home of ministry have been protected by what was acceptable for time, but now it was time for new life. As soon as we realize that our old life or covering could be toxic to our future it is better to remove it rather than cover it. And it sure feels good to have that weight off of us.

"I've had my share of debts and some regrets
I'm leaving all that behind and movin' on
I thank God today I can truly say
My soul's dark night has turned to dawn"

My Fathers House will offer men the opportunity to recognize the danger of their previous covering and to be delivered from it. As Eric sings "you can finally see the light'l finally turn your life around".
We hope to have the new shingles on the main house and carriage house by mid May.
In the meantime, work on the Carriage House (soon to be chapel) continues.
-Interior structure being rebuilt - Thanks Joe.
-New siding will be put on May 13th - thanks Keller Williams.
I am grateful to all of those who have given of their time, money, skill and prayer.
"Faith is the substance of things hoped for and yet unseen." I must admit that My Fathers House has brought me to a whole new level of faith. But hope springs eternal.
Stay tuned!