Saturday, July 18, 2009

Siberia Day 5 August 14, 2008

Cont. posting of 2008 missions trip to Siberia.
(readers, thank you for your patience)

Back to Kulton to Minister in 2 different Teen Challenge detox programs for men, the women's center and then back to Church for a celebration. It's going to be a long day...."The joy of the Lord is our strength". Lord, show us fruit!
Katrina's devotional today was inspired by the Holy Spirit and so.... right on target. "Encourage each other" By this point in our journey we begin to learn the challenges of community living and that it is not always easy. This is a wonderful, giving, loving, spirit filled group. But, we are together and awake about 17 hours each day and so it is easy for the enemy to move in as we discover each others weaknesses. Thank you Katrina for your attention to the Holy Spirit.

We slept in a bit today with a devotional at 7:30 am instead of 7:00. To save time and get our day off to a timely start Olyia ordered breakfast ahead of our devotional time. But to no avail, we still ran late. The good news today is that we are traveling in a van. The bad news is that it is about 80 degree, we still have no air conditioning, and it becomes obvious that someone has not bathed lately. The 30 minute drive was difficult for a couple of reasons, but I was also concerned about Edyth. She was preparing to give her testimony this morning and it was easy to tell that it was going to be difficult for her. Praise God.....this usually means that God is about to do something BIG! Edyth knew that this was the perfect appointed time and place for her testimony which was perfectly orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, because I was praying about preaching tonight at the Celebration at Pastor Ilya's request but there will be little time for me to prepare today.

Edyth at the Pulpit Let the Sozo begin

Edyth's powerful testimony and beautiful singing voice ushered in a perfect wind of the Holy Spirit. The team supported her in open prayer and quickly, as if planned, the entire team began to move about the room laying hands and ministering in the Holy Spirit proclaiming freedom, healing, and deliverance. The room was alive with the Holy Spirit. Tears flowed, people sang and praised the Lord while the team moved about the crowd of about 75 people with a new and renewed boldness. Jennifer had her first experience of someone being slain in the Spirit while she was praying for her. The oldest man (77 years old) in the program whom we had met at the homeless shelter a few days earlier stepped out and blocked my path. He said nothing but looked up at me with eyes that said everything. This was a big moment for him. He never interacted with us during our other visits or looked up from the ground. But now he was looking in my eyes. I prayed and he was slain in the Spirit standing up! After the music stopped and the church was dismissed, everyone was leaving but not him. He never moved, never stopped looking up. I continued to pray and could feel him getting freedom by Gods grace. I couldn't stop praying and he couldn't move for a long heart was overjoyed. Time stood still for both of us...and neither of us would ever be the same again.

Katrina ministering in Kultan

Our visit to the Teen Challenge buildings.... wow. Its seems that the original format set out by the Holy Spirit through Pastor David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz as explained in Pastor Davids book "The cross and the Switchblade" has held fast for 50 years. No smoking, no drugs for withdrawal - only Jesus. People are being saved here every day. The presence of the Lord is here!

Yup, encouraging each other!

Another big lunch and then time to rest. Well that was the plan anyway. After our wonderful lunch we traveled back to the hotel to meet and prepare for Saturdays outreach to the Orphans at the Church summer camp. Before we knew it our watch read 4:30. We had to be at church for 5:00. I still had to freshen up, dress for church and hopefully go over my notes for preaching tonight. Here I am in Siberia with an opportunity to preach to a hungry congregation and I'm not sure that I can bring my "A" game. Come Holy Spirit!!

I was honored that Pastor Ilyia wanted to translate for me and it went well. The Spirit is always willing even when the flesh is weak. Thank God. The word that the Lord had for us this night was "We must be broken to come to the Lord".....The sermon was titled "I want to be excused".
There was no time for an alter call.....but the room was rich with the presence of God.
After a quick dinner of pizza it was 10:00 pm and the group was to meet for a night devotional. It's late, (16 hours since we rose, were exhausted......but I wouldn't have wanted to miss a minute of it! Lord bring rest and peace to this group.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ministry Outreach Update

This is the Day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it!

This is the first of hopefully many updates that we will be providing detailing some of the work we are doing in Jesus' name throughout the greater Springfield area to outreach to the homeless and near homeless population. I hope you enjoy learning more about Milestone Ministries and would encourage anyone interesting in helping to contact us.

Soda Donation
We were blessed this week with a very generous donation of soda. From this donation we were able to distribute a great deal of soda to several worthy causes including the Lion's Den in Indian Orchard, homeless shelters in Springfield and Westfield, and The Crossway Christian Church in Palmer which was celebrating their third year in their current building with a wonderful picnic and ministry outreach.

Homeless Street Outreach
On Tuesday afternoon Pastor Jack, myself, and my son joined Rick P. (a great friend of the ministry) for his weekly homeless outreach walk throughout downtown Springfield. Also with us was another local pastor and two members of his church. We were able to connect with about a dozen people to whom we offered bagged lunches, new socks, and other personal hygiene items to. Above all we were able to pray for these wonderful folks, in fact one gentleman turned things around and prayed for us. We especially want to keep in prayer a man I will call "B". "B" has cancer and was just about to embark on his treatment, Pastor Jack said a powerful prayer for "B" we agreed in Jesus' name for his healing and I am confident we'll be seeing "B" for a long time to come.

Preventing Eviction

The ministry had a request from the Springfield office of Housing regarding a man "D" that had been in and out of the hospital recently and was in danger of being evicted because he was unable to keep up with cleaning his apartment and things had gotten a bit out of hand. We were able to get a small group to clean up "D's" place and after a few trips the place was good as new. "D" was just as happy to have some people to talk to, and we will stay in touch with him to offer the fellowship he has been missing for so long.


Last week the ministry visited the Loaves and Fishes at lunchtime twice, as well as a few visits to the Worthington Street shelter in the early evening. In addition to offering our prayers and help to anyone that needed it, we also wanted to visit with some of our friends from the Overflow Shelter, it had been two months since we closed for the season and we really miss those guys. There are not many people still at the Worthington Street shelter from the Overflow Shelter( which I took as a good sign hoping they had gotten their own places) but the guys that remained were very glad to know that they weren't forgotten. We will do our best to make these visits a regular thing.

I was able to convince one of our overflow shelter friends "R" that he should seek out the city veteran's agent to see what benefits might be available to him. "R" was reluctant at first , he felt others were more worthy of the help. But after some praying with him and a member of his family he realized that he should take some assistance. We met with the city veteran's agent and now "R" is well on his way to getting his own place, and the fresh start he so deserves. Praise God.

Off the Street
Also last week we were finishing up the placement of a wonderful woman "Y" and her two beautiful children. Sadly even though "Y" works a full time job she recently found herself homeless. Pastor Jack worked diligently with the Springfield Office of Housing and a local property manager to get "Y" and her children into a very nice 2 bedroom apartment. The Pastor was also able to get "Y" hooked up with a local church which in addition to bringing her closer to God, will also give her a community to reach out to should she need any further help.

I look forward to the upcoming week, and the opportunities I know it will bring. Please be on the outlook for next weeks update.

Submitted by Frank Kelly