Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Clean Up at "My Fathers House"

Hope you can join us for our 2nd annual Spring Clean Up day at " My Fathers House" in Thorndike (Palmer), MA.  April 2nd from 10:00 - 2:00 we will gather to rake and dig and plant ....oh yeah EAT.  If you have a  rake or  a friend (or both) bring them along and join us for fellowship and barbecue.  If you don't have a rake or a friend.....we'll find you one when you get here.
For directions e-mail me at

Restoration process:  It's been just over one year since we purchased the property and began renovations.  The Carriage House has had massive renovations and will soon be our  community space to be used as a music center, meeting space, chapel etc. 

The main house has gone through many renovations on the outside and we have begun renovations on the inside.   It is our hope to be ready by the end of summer and begin to serve God's people.  It is our hope that My Fathers House will be a place of restoration for those people who's lives have fallen into disrepair and who have made a decision to be restored.

As with My Fathers House project, Restoration can often seem like a slow process, but patience will bring it to perfection.  Scripture proclaims in James 1:4, "Let patience have it's perfect work".

Restoration starts with a decision, then a goal and a plan.   The timing is best left to God.  But you can be sure that His timing is perfect.   I  have come to learn that this is true in any restoration whether it is a life or a building.  My personal restoration took many years; as a matter of fact I am still under repair.  I can wait......I have eternity.

"For He restores to man His righteousness" Job 33:26