Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Off to Soulfest 2008

Tomorrow morning I am off to Soulfest 2008 in Gilford, NH. I will be joining Pastor Greg Dyson and his team from The Lions Den.

I am looking for the opportunity to praise the Lord with thousands of others hunger for His abundance. This is my first time to SOULFEST so I will try to get some photos to post.

Check out the web link. There is an amazing lineup of bands. If you get a chance, grab a sleeping bag and join us!

Please pray for our safe trip and opportunity to minister to the lost and deliver the bond.

To God be the Glory!

This is a photo of my friend Steven Donoghue. It was taken on the 4th of July 2008 at a picnic. At the time of this photo Steven was enjoying a full week of sobriety and was praying that it would continue. He was struggling to be free from the bondage of alcohol and this time he was sober 3 1/2 weeks.

Steve was brutally murdered on the streets of Springfield, MA early on Sunday morning.

On Monday the police arrested a man for the murder.

Please pray for Michael Forte, the man accused of his murder. Pray that he will seek the Lord for healing and salvation.

I am posting Steven's photo so that you will see him as a man, a brother, a friend, a child of God.....and not just "the homeless man who was killed."

A memorial service is being planned for next week..details to follow. By the volume of phone calls to my office and inquires on the streets of Springfield, I am sure that it will be well attended. Praise the Lord.

You see, Steven was well known in Springfield. Even the Mayor knew him by first name and was always kind to him. If you got to know Steven even for a few minutes he would charm you with a joke or song. He was a very intelligent man that understood the dangers of his disease and life on the street, but died before he could be delivered.
I am told that I am not the only one who could sit for hours and listen to Steve's tales of life on the street, his past and his desire to see homeless people treated with respect.

Steve would spend many days scouting the city for vacant buildings that could be turned into safe refuge for those who are living on the streets. It was his vision that our ministry would be able to obtain one of those buildings and offer a safe place where all are welcome and the peace of Christ prevails . Please continue to pray with me that God will provide the building, the funds and laborers to realize this vision.

I give glory to God for Steven's life and for all he taught me. I am grateful for having the opportuntiy to call Steven my friend!

God be glorified in these difficult days!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Street Claims another life

Its been a difficult day.
This morning at about 4am a friend of mine was brutally stabbed to death on the streets of Springfield, MA. Stephen Donohue was homeless and afraid to sleep in a shelter. He was a good man that battled the demons of alcohol. (I have written about Steven in previous blogs identified as "S".)
Stephen will be missed on the streets and in the hospitals, detox centers and downtown liquor stores.
Steven dealt with his pain by drinking and dealt with his drinking by making people around him laugh. In his most difficult moments he broke out in song or told a joke. Everyone seemed to know Steve, so many that he would often joke that he was going to run for Mayor of Springfield.
He cared about the plight of the homeless usually caring for others before himself. He was the first to call me in tears when a homeless person died in the streets. Today we cry for Steve.
I am comforted to know that Steve is in glory. No more pain or tears or demons. During his time of sobriety this month Steve accepted the Lord as his Saviour. To God be the glory.
So, while the violent streets took his life on earth Jesus has forgiven him and gave him everlasting life......Alleluia!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bound for Siberia

In just a few weeks our Ministry Team of 6 will be in Siberia, Russia. Our plan is to minister to lost souls in the streets and to visit an orphanage. The Russian Pastor that we will be visiting tells us that drugs are so prevalent in the city were we are going that every family in the city is touched by drug abuse. We plan to minister in the streets to drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes and whoever needs to know the Father! Also, we are told that we will have an opportunity to minister to children in the orphanage.
The Bible proclaims "the only true and undefiled religion is visiting widows and orphans".
This will be our first missions trip with Times Square Church and we are very excited.
Please pray for our physical and spiritual protection and that we will be sensitive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
Many people have asked us how this trip is financed. The answer is that each team member pays their own way. We will be using Milestone funds for my wife and I and assisting with other team members. If you feel led to sow a seed into this missions trip we would joyfully accept your offering.
Pastor Jack
Milestone Ministries
For more info about Milestone Ministries or to donate to our Siberian trip please visit:

My How Time Flies

It was my goal to blog everyday, but it seems that I have not made an entry since July 1st.
So for a quick July update. July has been an awesome month in the Lord. He has provided 4 more homeless brothers and sisters their own apartments. More importantly, they have all asked Jesus to be their Lord and they are growing as Christians. Please pray for them.
My friend "S" stayed sober for almost 4 weeks but he picked up a drink and is back to living in the street. I meet him every couple of days and continue to pray for him. I am very happy that while he was sober he accepted the Lord as his saviour along with his friend "J" who is sober 29 years. Please pray for "S" and "J".
Another one of our homeless friends died this month of an apparent overdose. Wayne's body was found by the river where he was known to frequent. It is confirmed that Wayne also accepted the Lord through another outreach ministry in Springfield.
God has been so good to us this month. He is faithful with promised abundance.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Heaven is rejoicing today

It has been a wonderful day in the Lord. My friend "S" who we have been ministering too throughout the winter gave his life to the Lord today. We met in November when he was homeless and drunk, which has been his condition for many years now. While the world might have given up on him, God never did! Today "S" is sober 3 weeks and has entered long term care facility. Praise the Lord. Both "S" and his friend "J" opened their hearts and invited Jesus in. The Bible says that all of heaven rejoices! Alleluia!