Saturday, June 21, 2008


"J" is visiting with us tonight from Missouri. Tomorrow she will join us on a trip to NY City to go to church at Times Square Church. It is wonderful to spend time with her.
After dinner I asked if she played Foosball and her eyes lit up. We played and I'm pretty sure that she let me win. I miss seeing her since she moved to Missouri, but I know that God has a plan. There is no doubt that "J" is a foot soldier in Gods army and that she has been put into our lives so we could march together. I am glad to serve the Lord with "J"
The Lord put us together about 4 years ago, she is a real blessing in our lives.

What is impossible for Me

Today "S" called me. I hesitated to take the call because the last time I was with him he was very drunk and out of control. "S" is a friend of mine who is an Alcoholic. I have been ministering to him since November of 2007 and I have never given up hope, however, until he decides to give up the booze and choose life (Jesus) over death there is nothing that I can do except pray and trust God. I pray for him often and I am constantly concerned for his safety because he has been homeless for many years.
By the grace of God "S" was completely sober today! 6 days now.....since a sickness put him in the hospital and now he is sober and wants to stay that way. Praise God.
We spent the afternoon together, it was awesome.

Today when I see "S" and I remember the Word of God that proclaims "I am the Lord, God of all of all flesh, what is impossible for me.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fathers Day in Florida

To my friends at Spirit Life Worship Church. Thank you for your hospitality this past weekend. It was awesome to celebrate Fathers Day with you. I can see our Father in each and every one of you. What a wonderful day in the Lord we had. I give Him praise for a powerful Word from heaven and fellowship with His Holy Spirit. Hope to see you again soon.

My Fathers eyes

Tonights Bible Study was based on God our Father. It is powerful to note that we were created in the image of God the Father, Jesus His son and The Holy Spirit.
With Fathers Day celebrated last Sunday, it is exciting to know that each and every one of us will grow up to be like our Father......our Father in heaven. As we abide with Him we continue to take on his traits until one day everyday, we will awake in His likeness.
Happy Fathers Day to everyone!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Housing for here and Eternity

On Friday a man that was about to become homeless contacted Milestone Ministries for help. We prayed and sought the Lord. A severe medical condition makes it imperative that "B" have an apartment on the first floor and quickly. Praise God, by Wed. he had located a place on the first floor. But the big news is that the Lord touched "B" through his friends and Milestone Ministries. Over the phone (yes over the phone) "B" rededicated himself to Jesus Chirst. The power of God filled the room where I was and also filled the room where he was. A peace came over us and B was REBORN AGAIN! Alleluia! God is now healing his ailment and many other lies that the Devil has put in his life.
In one day, God provided a home for B here and reminded him that he is guaranteed a home in heaven!!!

Power of Prayer

Praise the Lord. The homeless couple couple that I wrote about on May 30th tried for days to find a job for the husband "D". After a couple of days job hunting by leaving resumes at about 10 employers it was suggested that they start the next day with prayer in claiming a new job. They followed this council and on the way to visit an employment agency decided to stop into a company that was not on the list of those with openings. D stopped in to leave a resume and as it turned out (thank you Lord) a new job opening happened that very morning. D started his new job yesterday!!!! The are thrilled and giving all the Glory to God.
God is now going to provide a perfect apartment and the funds to get them started....