Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Fathers House

Progress continues at "My Fathers House" in Palmer. 

Finally after 12 months of reconstructive work, we have begun some astetic work on the outside of the house and carriage house.  New siding on the house and a rebuilt cupola on the carriage house.  The next steps are some of the most important and the most expensive.  We are accepting bids for foam insulation, replacement windows, plumbing, heating, electric.  We are praying for as much donated supplies and labor as possible.  This is a big ask in this tough economy but our God is able!   Thanks to our Brother Glenn much of our land is cleared and looking great. 
I am graeful to everyone that has been working unselfishly to transform a property that will soon transform lives. 
My Fathers House is proof of the power of prayer.  I am grateful to God for His grace & faithfulness.

To learn more about the power of prayer and the saving grace of Jesus Christ visit us at "My Fathers House" either in person or at facebook.

Amherst Emergency Shelter

After 3 months into our new venture, the Amherst Emergency Shelter is progressing well.  This has been one of the coldest, snowiest winters in New England's recent history and we are glad to provide a warm, safe place for the homeless residence of the Amherst area.  I are grateful to the town of Amherst, the businesses and residents for supporting our work.  With the town's support and donations from the local businesses and residents we are able to provide 16 people every night with a hot meal and comfortable cot safe from the elements.  Thanks to the First Baptist Church for allowing us to use their building.  By the grace of God we will continue to provide shelter until May 1st.