Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Milestone Ministry Blog: Blankets save lives

Milestone Ministry Blog: Blankets save lives

Blankets save lives

By the grace of God I will be joining many other volunteers in our winter street outreach. From October to April we will spend at least one night a week on the streets of Springfield to be sure that no one is left in the cold to die. This will be our 4th year in Springfield and plan to add at least on day for Palmer. Our goal is to save lives and bring help to the homeless. Armed with food, hot coffee, blankets, jackets, hats and love, we comb the streets to be sure no one is left out in the cold. If they are willing we will get them to a warm place for the night like a hotel or Springfield shelter. If they choose to brave the elements we offer them warm clothing and blankets. The hope that has been offered by these selfless volunteers has saved many lives and convinced many to give up their life on the streets.
If you would like to help, check your closets for warm blankets, jackets, hats and gloves that you are no longer using and call our office at 413 304 2112 or email at so we can arrange a convienent delivery location.
Or.....even better......Pray!
No one should die in the cold!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday Praise and Worship

Sunday was a spectacular day with the Lord. I was invited as the guest preacher at Crossway Christian Church in Palmer on Sunday. The Lord gave us a wonderful word from Matthew 7:13 which I titled "The straight and Narrow". We were blessed to be in the presence of the Lord. As promised in the Word, He inhabits the praise of His people.....Alleluia.
I am grateful to the people of Crossway for such a warm welcome. My family and I are glad to call Crossway our home church. Even better, I will be preaching again this weekend at Crossway....Welome Holy Spirit!

Apple picking and Palmer Nostalgia Day

My family and I had a wonderful day in Palmer on Saturday. Started out apple picking in the front yard of My Fathers House and ended at the Nostalgia Day celebration. Who knew that the apples growing on our apple tree were edible! My wife, Cathy, daughter Jennifer and our two Grandchildren picked 3 bags full. More than enough for a couple of pies (something to look forward too) and a many samples while picking. And....there are many more to be picked (if I can figure out how to reach them). I am confident that this abundance of fruit from My Fathers House is just the beginning!
Then we joined some friends from Crossway Christian Church at Nostalgia Day in Palmer. It was a great afternoon of good food, history lessons, fellowship and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. We especially enjoyed Sweet Dreams, which was a booth loaded with good o'l penny candy. We will be regular visitors to there store in downtown Palmer. Hats off to the Organizers at Palmer Special Events.....we had a blast.