Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Never forget where you came from

"In the process of restoration some things need to be discarded, some replaced and some just need a good polishing."

This is true in the restoration of one's life as well as a historic building.

The highest point on "My Fathers House" is the the turret and covering the turret is a decorative cap which seems to have been a tradition on Victorian homes of that era. Not only is our turret cover decorative, but it is a piece of history. We removed the dull and weather beaten cover in order to put on a new roof, but the home seemed incomplete without its decorative cap. So, with the help of some good friends and a local artisian, the copper cap was restored and put back in it's place.

Many of the men who have been touched by God through Milestone Ministries and their lives restored will often tell me that they never want to forget where they came from.

I hope that the same will be true of "My Fathers House". As we restore the house inside and out to make the property new again, the beautful and historic cap will be a shinning example of where it came from.

Monday, June 28, 2010

"My Fathers House", God's work continues

For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God. Heb 3:4

It has been a while since my last blog but the work on My Fathers House is coming along wonderfully. The work is far beyond my knowledge or ability, but the Lord has sent laborers....many wonderful laborers. Their strong backs and wisdom is supported by their grace filled hearts. For each and everyone, I am grateful.

Now that the new roofs are on, we continue to focus on the structural integrity of the carriage house which will one day be home to our Chapel.

As soon as half of the first floor was structurally sound with new floor joists it was time to focus on the other half...this is where the chapel will be. As usual we have a new surprise....all of the floor joists must be removed before we jack up the building to put in a new sill. Well under the floor we found about 7 yards of sand entombed in a cement and brick casing.

Thanks to the many strong backs of dedicated volunteers it was all removed.

Our volunteers are amazing...all of this happened in only a couple of days......God be praised!