Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Fathers House

3 years prayer was answered today November 25, 2009 . God is faithful.
Milestone Ministries was given the deed to a home that He will usedto transform peoples lives.
The dream began when I was asked to oversee a winter shelter for 30 homeless men in 2007. It was wonderful to service these men, but it always bothered me that we would put them back on the street every morning at 7:00 AM. I asked God for a place where people could come to rest for a while and get back on their feet. I prayed for a place away from the city. Someplace a bit secluded with lots of open space.

Well God has answered our prayers.

It is beautiful old mansion built in 1870 on 3 acres of land in the beautiful town of Palmer, MA . With over 5600 square feet of living space we will be able to serve many. Our plan is still young and the home needs a lot of work, but I am certain that this is the perfect place. It is our prayer that the Lord will use this place to transform peoples lives.
The property also has a large carriage house that will become our chapel and community space. We are hoping it will also befor a music center and retreat house.

Now the work begins. The home is in need of much repair, but I am confident that God will send the laborers and supplies.
Thank you for continuing to praying with us.
More to come soon.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Overflow Shelter Opened last night

With mixed emotions, we re-opened the Overflow Shelter last night in Springfield, MA.

While I am so glad that we have a safe, warm, healthy environment for 30 men struggling with life. I am always sad to know that the shelter is needed. Thank God for the work of Friends of the Homeless, and the donated space by Catholic Charities.

It was a wonderful opening night organized and prepared by Frank Kelly with a room prepared by many wonderful volunteers. Thanks to the magnificent Inter-Varsity team the room is bright and colorful (see previous blog). Thanks to many donors we have blankets, new clothing, food etc.

The men were welcomed with prayer, hot coffee, snacks and much love from our staff and volunteers. We could quickly see the hand of God moving in each man's life.

This shelter runs on prayer, so please keep it coming. Thanks.